Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling, Irish Gestalt Centre;IAHIP associate; M.A. Intercultural Communication.
Aeveen completed a 5 year training course in Gestalt psychotherapy. In addition to her practice at An Tearmann she also works at St. Helena’s Family Resource Centre in Finglas and previously at The Newlands Institute For Counselling And Psychotherapy. She is engaged in on-going training through attendance at workshops and courses. She has an ongoing interest in Attachment issues and Jungian Psychology.Having lived and worked in Canada, the US, UK, Australia, and Greece Aeveen brings years of experience of working with people from a wide variety of backgrounds and has a deep interest in exploring human psychology and life choices.
Aeveen has a holistic and creative approach in working with people, and looks not just at the current critical issues they are facing but at the underlying patterns, which are laid down as a result of early experiences. The impact of these patterns and how they can limit and inhibit our life choices are explored,along with ways of developing personal resources and offering new possibilities for growth, healing and making different life choices.
Aeveen believes that we are healed through developing our capacity to create honest sustainable relationships and that therapy offers an opportunity to examine relationships and to create new possibilities.

Aeveen’s interests also include the body’s response to trauma, Mindfulness, Mythology, Spirituality and The impact of cultural, social and family backgrounds on the individual.

Aeveen attends regular work supervision.