About Us

We are currently offering counselling and psychotherapy sessions remotely only. We use Zoom and Skype.

Session fees are agreed with therapists at the initial session.

Duration of therapy is based on individual needs.

Short-term and Long-term therapy is available.

Our approach is a holistic one. We understand that each person is unique and more than the issues they present with.
We work with people who are:
  • At a turning point in their lives
  • Exploring life’s possibilities
  • Exploring spirituality or beliefs
  • Exploring sexuality and sexual identity
  • Exploring relationship issues
  • Exploring family dynamics and their impact
  • Searching for a purpose in life
  • Recovering from sexual, physical or emotional abuse
  • Going through loss or bereavement
  • Experiencing Depression or Anxiety
  • Feeling stuck in life, work, or relationship
  • Experiencing stress
  • Experiencing issues around health and wellness
  • Dealing with the impact of trauma.

Sessions are weekly, on the same day and at the same time each week.

Sessions are of 60 minutes duration.

The relational nature of the psychotherapy process, requires at least 6 sessions, although in most cases, people do continue for longer.

The initial phone call and first session determine if therapy is suitable for you at this stage, and that there is compatability to support the work of therapy.

The fee is 65 euro, payable by online transfer at the end of the session. 

There is a cancellation policy, which will be discussed in the first session.

Therapists follow the current ‘Children First Guidelines’ in relation to safety issues and disclosure. These can be found at www.tusla.ie


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